Monday, 19 August 2013

I met a nice lady the other day...

Evening gang,

So let's open with something related to writing shall we? Sales are steady despite my utter lack of promo. My ad campaign has finished. Traffic figures were well in excess of 500,000!!! Sadly the click rate, and therefore the purchases made, were far lower. But that simply tells me I have to make my adverts better because the traffic is there.

The editing of the Jazz Café sequel is progressing. I know I keep saying that but I have a lot going on at the moment. I am managing to get some done each day though which I'm happy with. I've also been ploughing through the latest Stephen King - Joyland. I agree with reviews. It's not his best but then he does set the bar pretty high. It's a good story though, instantly recognisable as his style. The man weaves a story better than anybody I've ever read.

Ideas for the third instalment of the Jazz Café series are building nicely in my head. I just need to keep them there until I finish this book and then find time to start writing them down.

Despite being so busy I managed to find time to go to Anfield for the opening game of the season yesterday which, I'm sure you know, Liverpool won. Despite us setting off without tickets, having to meet a chap in a pub to get a utility bill off him for a third party we never met and then using that bill to get more tickets in the name of the unseen third party, it was a successful trip. We also managed to fall out with a local resident who took issue with us parking outside his house, despite us wielding a permit.

Anyway, it was a fun day out. We also went out for tea Friday and Saturday. Friends in Kendal Saturday. They've had an extension put on their house and very swank it is too.

Anyway, all that meant I didn't do as much writing as I might have otherwise but I've cracked on today at the expense of going to see my gran on her 87th birthday. Shocking! I'll go see her tomorrow assuming my boss hasn't damaged me. I've received an email requesting I ring her urgently in about 8 hours from now. Presumably that's not to discuss a promotion. Great way to start the week! I may as well be hungover for that.

Side projects? Well I have a job interview lined up for September. Not sure I want it but I'll happily trot along to see what happens. The house purchase is plodding along and could go either way. I'm after a last minute price reduction so I emailed my solicitor on Friday to have a word on my behalf. We shall see.

I've also got it into my head that I want to consider moving from HB Towers. The wife was aghast at the very idea. It won't happen. I'm going to view a house at the end of the week. I suspect that will get it out of my system. Unless I decide I really do want a 200 foot garden with mooring rights for a boat. Expensive. But the dog would love it! The downside? The wife might well leave me as it's one crazy thing too many (home cinema, pool table, new tele, buying a house, all things I've done without asking her first and all of those except the pool table happened this year!).

And so we come to the bit about the nice lady. I came out for lunch last week to find someone had driven into my wing mirror and damaged it. Boo! The plus side? A sticky note on the window with a name and number. I get a quote, ring the woman, she says she'll pay in full. I get it fixed, go to her house, she writes a cheque and was very sorry. All very civilised and all very surprising. But it made me feel better about the world, at least briefly.

Right, just time for a quick half hour on the novel before I let the dog out and then go to bed, then I'm fresh to chat to my boss about my failings. Wooo!

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Refuse to lose!

Evening gang,

Apologies for the title, sounds a bit 'positive thinking seminar'. But lately that's how I've been rolling.

I'm shattered but still making things happen. Most important I'm managing to keep progressing with the novel and it's getting good. Woo!

Work is also going well. As is the house purchase, as is life with the dog.

Speaking of which we had a dog behaviourist round today. 90 minutes of 1:1 focussed teaching. Miles better than some daft group class. Ralph loved it, we learned a bit, money well spent.

You recall I paid for advertising? Well, it's drawing to a close. My click percentage is about 0.04% which sounds low but still resulted in hundreds of views. Will I buy more? Not just yet. I need time to figure out how to transform more clicks into sales.

Finally a comment on athletes. Pre season football transfers are a shambles and it's the same each season. This year Rooney, Bale and Suarez dominate the news. They come across as mercenary, overpaid idiots without any loyalty to club, fan, shirt etc.

So thank God for Mo Farah. The British double Olympic champion from London today added world 10,000 metre gold to his CV. He's a proper sportsman, well paid yes, but he wins and we should all be proud of his efforts. Footballers could learn a lot from Mr Farah.

Right, bedtime. Buy my books. Night