About the Author...

Much like the rest of this blog, this page is very much a work in progress.

For now I think a little background is plenty. Originally I'm a Yorkshire boy but have lived in Lancashire since I was four. I can read and write and thoroughly enjoy both.

Amongst my various qualifications that I have yet to use is an MA in Creative Writing from MMU. I'd thoroughly recommend the course to anyone interested in writing as it's great to be around like minded folk.

My favourite author is Stephen King and I maintain that when he's on form he's as good as anyone has ever been. That said, my favourite book is Catcher in the Rye although it's not everyone's idea of fun.

I'm an armchair sportsfan. For football, it's Liverpool. Golf, Tiger Woods. He'll come good. Tennis, Federer.

Most nights I also love an ale. And a gin - specifically Hendricks, there's none finer. I like Port too, but I'm less fussy about the brand.

I'll doubtless provide more insight into these things as the blog develops.