Friday, 9 May 2014

Is it worth investing in yourself?

Evening gang,

Regulars will know I've spent a few quid on myself this year so far in the interests of promotion and selling more books. Some have worked quite well, some have ben utter crap. But I'll be sticking at it.

I'm just having a discussion with a musician mate of mine who invests hundreds, maybe even thousands of pounds in himself in terms of mastering his music, PR etc. Compared to the few pounds I've spent it's a big deal so I'm left wondering if I should really throw money at my books, invest in some proper promo etc and see what happens. As ever my big concern is that working full time will get in the way and I won't be able to take full advantage of it.

In other news the latest book is pouring out of me. Cleared the 17,000 word mark earlier. I imagine I'll get beyond 20,000 before work on Monday and then I suspect things will slow right down again. Can't be helped. The good thing is it's taken me less than two weeks to write all that and it's pretty good. I haven't done any promo or any editing of my other book, but it's been worth it to get the new material out. I've got a pretty clear idea where the various plot threads are going, although there are always random tangents which make it fun, so hopefully I can keep plodding even while at work.

Mind you, if I'm not successful in applying for the upcoming job, or I just don't apply, I'll be back in my old job by the end of June, so I'll have all the time I need to finish the book. Silver lining to the harsh reality of the pay cut.

Anyway, if you could spread the word that my other books are still available that would be super. It's also worth mentioning that I'll be doing 3 appearances in Morecambe at the end of this month. I'll be sending the posters out shortly, so I'll post one on here when it's done. If you want a book signed, or just want to talk to me about writing, or anything else, come along.  I'll post times and venues nearer the time .

Right, quick brew break and then perhaps another hour on the novel before we start the evening session.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

What do you do with time off work?

Afternoon folks,

I'm having a few days off work. Why? No reason other than I now have 10 years service in the NHS. Never imagined that would happen. As a reward they give you 4 extra days holiday so I thought why not?

So what have I done? Well I've written 2000 words of my new novel today so that's good. Other than that, stayed in bed until lunchtime, had a fried egg sandwich (epic), listened to The Stone Roses album three times and played with the dog. All better than working.

I've been avoiding the promo lately as you'll have noticed. It's just so bloody time consuming. My books are still selling, lower numbers but still selling. I'll get back on the horse over the weekend, maybe. But it's lovely to be writing again, all pretty effortless so far too.

Did everyone have a good Bank Holiday? Non UK readers don't need to answer. I did. A mate came to stay so we headed into town for the first time in forever. Much drink was taken, burritos eaten, buskers talked to, their dogs stroked, pizzas and kebabs purchased. The wife was on entertaining form and my mate and I stayed up until 4AM listening to vinyl and pondering life.

Then, the next night, we did it again. Good times. Unfortunately I have spent all but £90 of this month's wages and it's three weeks until pay day. Ho hum. As an example of how I live, the wife and I went into town for lunch. It started to rain and I was only wearing a polo shirt. So instead of turning back I simply bought a jacket. This is why I don't haver any money. Those who know me will not be surprised.

I'm not going to mention Liverpool, or what happened at Crystal Palace other than to say, we've over performed and come up short right at the very end. Hope and expectation can be very cruel but it's been a stunning season. It's a strange feeling to be top of the table with just one game to go and feel dejected and disappointed, but there we are. That's enough of that.

On the job front the firm has finally found some funds to employ me permanently. As ever there's a hurdle. The job will be advertised, I'll have to apply etc etc. The twist being if they don't pick me I'll have no choice but to sod off back to my old job because the new person will be sitting in my chair. Swine. There is also a question over how much the salary will be. I suspect not as much as I get now which might end up being a factor. Either way, I'm told that when I return to work next week the ole will be advertised. We shall see.

Right, that's all for now. All books still available so spread the word.