Friday, 25 November 2011

Christmas Short Story Out Now!

Evening everyone,

It's been a quick, but very busy week and I'm shattered. But, hot on the heels of my debut novel, which has already sold more than I feared it might, my festive short story is now available. The Storyteller - A Ghostly Tale for Christmas, is out now on Kindle.

It is also available via Smashwords and should be available on Sony E-Reader, WH Smiths Kobo, Barnes & Noble and pretty much every other format within the next week.

It's priced less than a quid and would make the perfect gift what with it being set on Christmas Eve. Plus it's suitably magical too and will hopefully leave you with a warm glow similar to drinking a single malt in front of a roaring log fire while stroking the head of your beloved hound. Or not.

Either way, I hope you like it.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Debut Novel - Playground Cool - Available Now!

Good evening,

So here it is. After much formatting and pondering of keywords, Playground Cool is now available to purchase worldwide. It's available on Kindle right now via our chums at Amazon, both here, Europe and America. It's also available via Smashwords where the first copy sold within 90 minutes of it going on sale. I know it's not going to change the world, but it's the first copy of my work I have ever sold, so to me it's exciting as I am now a published author with an international readership.

If you need further encouragement, the book is selling at just 99p in the UK or $0.99 in the US. Pre Christmas bargain!

All being well, at least if all goes well with the good people at Smashwords, within the next week or so my book will also be available via Apple's ibook store, WH Smith's Kobo, Sony's E-Reader (which means you can buy it from Waterstones or WH Smiths online in the UK), Barnes and Noble and a couple of other spots. I've included links to all of these within this paragraph.

Feel free to leave reviews and comments on the sites you buy from, assuming they're positive. I'm too fragile to stand much negative feedback.

I'm aiming to begin formatting my Christmas short story this week so that should be available soon.

Now stop reading this and please buy my book!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Storyteller Final Front Cover

Afternoon dear reader,

Here is the final version of the front cover for my soon to be released short story for Christmas. I've finished the editing so I'm going to have a final read through this week and then away we go. The draft cover is in a previous post. I think this version is much more representative of the story and feels slightly darker and altogether more Christmassy!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Storyteller Front Cover

Me again.

As promised earlier, here is the first version of the front cover for my upcoming festive short story.

Short Story for Christmas

Afternoon folks,

It's been a while since my last post but I've been a busy boy. Not least securing five tickets for the first night of The Stone Roses reunion tour. I was very popular that day once word spread that I had the tickets.

Just as a quick aside I went to see the Bad Shepherds last night. Met the band afterwards too. If you've never seen them they're well worth a visit, properly entertaining versions of songs you will know. My favourites were Up The Junction and Down in the Tube Station at Midnight. There's links if you click the band name and song titles.

Anyway, the point of today's post is to announce the impending launch of a short story I've written for Christmas. This effort is called The Storyteller: A Ghostly Tale for Christmas. I wrote it about five years ago for the young lady who is now my wife. She cried at the time as I recall. Presumably due to the quality of the writing. Interpret that as you will.

Anyway, I was reading Susan Hill's The Small Hand recently, that got me thinking about my story, although the two are nothing alike. I dug it out, and quite liked it. I've tweaked it a bit and it's currently in the final stages of being edited. I've done a preliminary cover for it too which I'll post on here for you to look at.

Essentially, the story uses A Christmas Carol as it's influence, the idea of reflecting upon one's life by looking at the past, present and future. It's only just over 11,000 words but it's quite a nice little story I think. Anyway, I'm hoping to launch it on Kindle etc, by the end of this month. I'll follow it up with the release of Playground Cool pretty much straight away I think.

Then, if all goes to plan, The 24 Hour Jazz Cafe will be ready to go early in the new year.

Until next time...