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This page has a link to a free extract of my new crime thriller, The Trust. It was published on 2nd February 2013 in paperback and on Kindle with other formats to follow as time allows.

Since you clicked to see this page you might well be wondering what the book is about so here's some clues:

When a number of bodies are unearthed on the grounds of Moorcastle asylum in the historic city of Lancaster, ambitious young detective Tom Ashton quickly realises there is a link to the hastily arranged disposal of anthrax infected bodies from experiments conducted in 1942 by the Ministry of Defence on the west coast of Scotland.

Horrendous and unprecedented as this discovery is, this is not the heart of the book’s mystery. It quickly becomes apparent that far darker secrets lie buried on the site of the old asylum. Evidence is gathered pointing to abuse of patients within the asylum while Rhiannon Saxby, an employee of the Trust, has reason to believe a number of her colleagues are involved in a secret society which is playing God with the lives of patients. Her situation is made all the more difficult as her own mother was a patient at Moorcastle. Meanwhile Tom must also contend with the discovery of a body in the river and the very real possibility that a serial killer may be at work in the town. As the investigation progresses and the pressure increases Tom is certain of just one thing. The Trust is at the centre of it all.

Fancy reading a bit? Here it is then:

Extract of The Trust

Still here? Well then I'd be daft not to offer you a few links to buy a copy:

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